For home networks, it is very useful to have a file server.  It allows you to easily backup the other computers on the network and to store files that are easily accessible to others.

While it's easy to buy a Network Attached Storage (NAS) file server, it isn't necessarily cheap.  Since I have several older computers, I decided to use one as a file server after my Netgear SC101 failed.

The specifications of my computer are:

Component Details
Operating System Windows XP Pro
Motherboard ASUS P3B-F
CPU PIII – 500 MHz (Slot 1)
RAM 384MB (2 x 128MB, 2 x 64MB)
SDRAM, PC100, 168 pin, 3.3V, ECC
Maximum 1024MB – 4 x 256MB
Video Card 3DFX 9920 Interactive
Ethernet Card DFE-538TX
Sound Card Sound Blaster Live!
Model CT4670
Modem US Robotics Sportster
Model 0484
Floppy Drives 1 x 3½”
1 x 5¼”

Hard Drives
20 GB
1 TB Seagate Barracuda (2 x RAID 1, Vantec UGT-ST220R, 150 MB/s – 2 Port SATA)
Optical Drives CD-ROM


More to follow!