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The following information has been transcribed from a 1977 Pontiac Parisienne Owner's Manual:

Engine Oil and Filter Recommendations

  • Use only SE engine oil
  • Change oil each 7,500 miles or 12 months, whichever occurs first except under the following conditions:
    • Driving in dusty conditions
    • Trailer pulling
    • Extensive idling
    • Short trip operation at freezing temperatures (engine not thoroughly warmed up).

Under these conditions, change oil every 3,000 miles or 3 months, whichever occurs first.

  • Operation in dust storms may require an immediate oil change.
  • Replace the oil filter at the first oil change, and every second oil change thereafter, if mileage (7,500 miles) is the determining factor. If time (12 months) is the determining factor, then change the oil filter with every oil change. AC oil filters provide excellent engine protection.


See your Pontiac dealer for advice on the frequency of oil and filter changes under unusual driving conditions.

The above recommendations apply to the first change as well as subsequent oil changes. The oil change interval for your Pontiac engine is based on SE oils and quality oil filters. Oil change intervals longer than those listed above will seriously reduce engine life and may affect Pontiac's obligation under the provisions of the New Vehicle Warranty.

A high quality SE oil was installed in your engine at the factory. It is not necessary to change this factory-installed oil prior to the recommended normal oil change period. However, check the oil level more frequently during the break-in period since higher oil consumption is normal until the piston rings become seated.

Note: Non-detergent oil and other low quality oils are specifically not recommended. Only the use of SE engine oils and proper oil and filter change intervals assure you of continued proper lubrication of your Pontiac engine.

Note: SAE 5W-30 oils are recommended for all seasons in vehicles normally operated in Canada. SAE 5W-20 oils are not recommended for sustained high speed driving.

Recommended Viscosity
To help assure good cold and hot starting as well as maximum engine life, fuel economy, and oil economy, select the proper oil viscosity for the temperature range anticipated from the following chart:

Temperature Range Recommended Viscosities
Above 40°F SAE 30
Above 20°F SAE 20W-20, 20W-40, 20W-50
Above 0°F SAE 10W-30, 10W-40
0°F to 60°F SAE 10W
Below 60°F SAE 5W-30
Below 20°F SAE 5W-20