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We encourage everyone to take advantage of the benefits of the internet as a communication medium. Just as you need a telephone to make use of telephone services, you need a computer to make use of the internet.

While veteran users know what the internet is, novices often have no idea of what it is or where to start. The internet is simply an electronic means of sharing information. If you have never used a computer before, why should you start now? Well, the most compelling reason is that the internet is now the best way of getting information ranging from government services to banking to finding out the rest of the lyrics to the song that keeps running through your head. For people who enjoy listening to the radio, the internet makes it easy to listen to stations from all over the world. It also lets you listen to your favorite radio program's audio archives any time you want.

Handy things you can do once you have internet service:

  • get the latest news
  • look up a phone number (for your friends still having landlines)
  • do your banking from home
  • check the traffic situation with MTO's compass cameras for major Ontario highways
  • get a weather report of any place on earth
  • get step-by-step driving directions from anywhere to anywhere
  • listen to almost any radio station world-wide
  • get a manual for just about any consumer item
  • check the latest status of your investments
  • find other people (world-wide) who have similar interests and hobbies as you do
  • buy or sell anything
  • get satellite photos of any place on earth
  • check the local movie listings
  • look up the lyrics of any song just by knowing a few words
  • trace your family history
  • get information on government services
  • get information about the most obscure subjects
  • publish your own personal web site.

The following article was written to help computer novices understand computer jargon when they decide to get internet service or to upgrade their internet service.