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Once I got everything together, my new Honda engine started easily and ran well out of the box.

A view of my driveshaft as it is attached to the adapter. Not having had experience with engine alignment, I decided to let the engine find it's own mounting position. After leveling the frame, I let the engine run at various speeds with loose mounting bolts. After a few pushes in various directions, the engine always wanted to return to one position so I tightened it down in that location.

After having reinstalled the hood and side panels, I got to thinking that I should have centered the engine on the frame rather than just letting it find its own home and then tightening it down. The engine's torque at full throttle caused the engine to wander to the extreme right hand side of the frame.

Not liking the non-centered engine position, I took everything apart again and loosened the engine hold-down bolts. This time I just left the engine run at a much lower speed and the vibration moved it into a position that was more centered. The exhaust pipe was not centered in the grill opening so I had to heat the exhaust pipe again to recenter it in the grille before reassembled the hood and side panels.

I believe that the Honda is a bit shorter than the KT17 even though the crank snout is a bit longer. The PTO pulley on the Honda should end up in approximately the same location as the Koehler and the mule drive pulleys appear to be properly aligned.

After running the engine with this alignment, I learned that I need to do a better job with engine alignment.  In 2013, my front rag joint started to disintegrate along with major wear on my front universal joint.  See Driveshaft Alignment for more information.