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The recommendations from my Honda owners manual:

  • above 50°F / 10°C - SAE 30
  • above 0°F / -15°C - SAE 10W30
  • below 30°F / 0°C - SAE 5W30

Oil is a major factor affecting performance and service life. Use 4-stroke automotive detergent oil.

SAE 10W30 is recommended for general use. Other viscosities shown on the chart may be used when the average temperature in your area is within the recommended range.

The SAE oil viscosity and service classification are in the API label on the oil container. Honda recommends that you use API SERVICE category SF or SG oil.


I've been using a synthetic heavy duty 0W-30 engine oil in my Honda GX610 engine and have been using my engine hour meter to change the oil and filter every 60 hours.

Regarding oil filters, many people feel that Fram filters are below the quality of Wix or Purolator.  I've had concerns with the drainback valve in the Wix filters being leaky and allowing oil to empty back into the crankcase.  Lately, I've been using Fleetguard filters because Honda filters have been too expensive.

For more information about oil and filtration, visit Bob is the Oil Guy and the Engine Oil Filter Overview.