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Having a FreeStyle Libre Continous Glucose Monitor (CGM) has been extremely helpful to get immediate feedback with glucose control.  The biggest issue I've had with it has been keeping the sensor (white disc on the back of your arm) in place.  I've learned that proper skin cleaning is important along with sensor positioning.  Even so, the sensor can loosen from sweat and this can just easily happen lounging around a pool at a resort in Costa Rica as it could from a day of intensive work in hot weather.  Even though the sensor seems secure, it can easily be pulled off with your tee-shirt.

This has happened once too many times so I'm now trying an overlay of Tegaderm to prevent catching on shirt sleeves and, if this doesn't work, I'm then try Skin-Prep to get the Tegaderm and sensor to stick better.

If you're wondering what I've been eating lately, the following list is what my daily meals typically look like. We've been getting seeds and nuts from the local Bulk Barn and buy just enough to use the coupon in the BB flyer.

Meal Description
  • coffee
  • 3 large eggs (with bacon if I feel ambitious) AND/OR
  • 1 avocado (2 if they're small) AND/OR
  • luncheon/deli meat AND/OR
  • [dairy] butter (no bread) or coconut butter AND/OR
  • plain high-fat yoghurt or skyr (100-150 ml or ~1/2 cup), with:
    • fresh or frozen berries
    • dry roasted sunflower and raw pumpkin seeds
    • ground flax and/or chia seeds (for added Omega 3)
(late afternoon)
  • normal Canadian meal (see Canadian Living recipes)
    • minimize bread and potatoes
    • sometimes basmati rice or cabbage
  • peanut butter (no bread, no jam)
  • fruit (apple, grapes, orange, banana, etc)
  • dessert (eg, small piece of chocolate)
Snack -varies
(evening - if hungry)
  • roasted peanuts
  • walnut halves
  • almonds
  • dry roasted sunflower seeds
  • luncheon/deli meat
  • cheese
  • beer or wine or liquor (1 serving)


Date Milestone
2015-10 Diagnosed diabetic, prescribed Metformin and Januvia.
2017-10 Prescribed Janumet XR to replace Metformin and Januvia.
2018 Prescribed Dapagliflozin (Forxiga/Farxiga).
2019 Janumet adjusted with lower metformin content.
2019-11-02 Started using FreeStyle Libre glucometer.
2019-11-11 Stopped taking Janumet (Metformin & Januvia).
2019-11-20 Blood sugar trending higher, sometimes deferring breakfast until noon as per blood glucose.
2019-12-02 On vacation, stopped taking Rosuvustatin.
2019-12-12 Starting regularly deferring breakfast until noon or later (2 or 1 meal/day).
2020-01-11 Stopped taking ‎Forxiga. Now only taking Telmisartin (Micardis) and ASA 81 mg daily.
2020-01-28 Stopped taking Telmisartin.
2020-05-23 Stopped taking 81mg ASA.