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Long periods of exercise is not necessary to lose weight and to keep a low weight. I would argue that it is counterproductive in the long run because it would be extremely difficult to maintain an time-consuming exercise routine over a lifetime. Centenarians in the Blue Zones instead stay physically active with activities that are low intensity such as walking and gardening. They don't rely on labor-saving devices in their daily routines. However, research has shown that there are significant benefits to short periods of high-intensity (where your heart rate is at least 80% of its maximum) exercise.

No matter what your daily routine is, it is important to always keep moving:

For Christmas, my daughter gave me a Fossil (Android) smart watch, which integrates with the Google Fit app. I've come to appreciate the feedback that the watch gives me about my activity level. I now try to increase activity (though still nowhere close to any level of high intensity) because of the continuous activity tracking.