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Ancel Keys, a  started us down the path of vilifying LDL cholesterol-increasing saturated fat with his Lipid Hypothesis, similar to the Diet-Heart Hypothesis.  He cherry-picked data to suit his hypthosis in his epidemiological Seven Countries Study and this hypothesis was taken as fact even though there was no solid evidence from radomized control trials to back it up.  Eventually the lipid hypthosis was adopted by the medical community and pharmaceutical companies started selling highly profitable LDL cholesterol lowering Statins.  Statins are now the standard of care for preventing cardiovascular disease but some statin side effects that concern me are: insulin resistance and cognitive impairment.

CBC's Marketplace – Food Fact Check Episode raised a concern about coconut oil, which is a saturated fat rich in medium chain fatty acids.  I believe this was a misinformed concern because the evidence suggests that saturated fats are beneficial and the war on LDL cholesterol has been misguided.  The following research papers concern LDL cholesterol: