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I've been helping my father become metabolically healthy by following a ketogenic (low-carb, high-fat) with a focus on eating as much animal-sourced proteins as possible and staying physically active.  While bone density is an important consideration for women, it is also a consideration for men.  Weight-bearing exercises and adequate (high-quality) protein consumption for seniors (1.2-1.6g / kg of body weight) will help mitigate sarcopenia and osteoporosis for all seniors.  Improving metabolic health through the dietary intervention improve OA by keeping insulin low and by reducing inflammation in the body.  Alternating between the fasted and fed states promotes autophagy and cellular regeneration through the AMPK and mTOR pathways.  Low-load repetitive exercise (like cycling) increases circulation of synovial fluid, which in turn helps to exchange nutrients and waste products between chondrocytes and the blood stream.

The course of action we're going to do to help regenerate the articular cartilage in the knees is:

  • primarily ketogenic and possibly Paleo-Ketogenic Diet
  • intermittent fasting (time-restricted eating): daily 4-6 hour eating window
  • increased Omega 3 Fatty Acid food consumption (salmon, sardines, etc)
  • increased bone broth consumption (use broth from crockpot-cooked meat)
  • avoidance of night-shade vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, etc) and legumes
  • low-impact, moderate mechanical loading of joints through resistance training
  • low-exertion cardiovascular exercise on a recumbent bicycle
  • gluteus muscle strengthening exercises