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The old car hobby is under attack by seemingly well-meaning legislators. However, their interest is not in helping those in the old car hobby or in really protecting the environment. SEMA's advocacy branch SEMA Action Network has agreed to help us fight laws like the elimination of Ontario's Drive Clean's rolling 20-year exemption. All they ask is that interested specialty vehicle owners register for their newsletter at the SEMA SAN Signup Page. It's free and just shows that we are interested in their help. PLEASE REGISTER NOW!

Owning Article Count:  8

The first place to start in the car hobby is to obviously get a car.  If you're thinking about something that is going to be more than just everyday transportation, you should have some realistic expectations of how you're going to use it.  Have a plan before you spend any money.

Lubrication Article Count:  10

Information about lubrication to keep your car running well for a long time.

Maintaining Article Count:  8

Alongside the joy of driving a car, maintenance is other enjoyable aspect of owning a car.  It's often not that hard to do and the benefit of doing your own maintenance is rewarding in other ways besides financial.

Modifying Article Count:  6

There is a lot to be said for keeping a collector vehicle in as original condition as possible.  However, vehicle modifications that enhance safety and the ability to travel on modern roads can make the operation of older cars much more enjoyable.  It all depends if you'd rather have a trailer queen or a driver.

Workshop Article Count:  1

People who like to work on their cars need a place and equipment to work on them.  This category includes information about equipment in the shop and the shop itself.

Entertainment Article Count:  4

Information about car audio and entertainment.