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Many collector car owners find that having a garage lift to be a very useful addition to their workshop. One popular type of garage lift for the hobbyist is the four post garage lift. The main advantages of such a garage lift are that it makes servicing their vehicle fleet (hobby cars and daily drivers) much easier (and safer) and that it can provide additional storage space. The advantage of a 2-post lift is that the underside of the vehicle is more accessible than with a 4-post lift. A disadvantage of the 2-post lift is that the posts interfere with door opening. This article is an extension of the Car Lift for Antique Cars ACCCC forum topic. The following pages provide some good information to get started:

We feel that the two most important safety issues with a garage lift are the installation of a FLOW RESTRICTOR VALVE (FRV) and the LOCKING MECHANISM. Simply put, this allows the lift to maintain the position if there is a breakdown on the hydraulic line. The Locking Mechanism locks the lift into position prevents the lift from moving unless intentionally released. Both safety features should be included in garage lift you buy. Although the FRV looks like a small and rather insignificant item, insist that your lift is delivered with one.

We also recommend that you hire professional installer rather than doing it yourself with a few of your friends. The experience of a good installer pays off with the fine adjustments of the cables. Ask around to find yourself a good trustworthy installer. Annual preventive maintenance is something else you also consider contracting out to your installer.

American 4-Post Lifts:

Canadian 4-Post Lifts: