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While I always have an old school map in the car, it is way better to travel with GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation device. I usually plan my trips before leaving the house using Google Maps, which often gives me routing plans that I haven't previously considered. It is super handy to check for navigation landmarks with Google Streetview so I know what to expect along the way. When I'm done planning, I can then send the route to my phone.  There are lots of other good GPS programs available (like Waze) but Google Maps is a core Android function so every Android phone includes it and it doesn't require additional storage.

For both Android and Apple phones, the best navigation system is the Google Maps app. Android phones can also have the additional functionality of Android Auto, which is can be used without having a complementary vehicle entertainment system, unlike Apple CarPlay. Android Auto can be set to automatically start if you've paired your phone with another bluetooth device (like your car). Android Auto is not necessary to use Google Maps for navigation.

Google Maps has a couple of shortcuts (widgets) that save a few steps: Google Driving and Google TrafficDriving gets to navigation faster and Traffic lets you see traffic conditions near you and for your commute.


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