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I have not found very much information about my Hahn-Eclipse LTD 500 riding mower elsewhere on the internet.  Zac Winstead's Hahn-Eclipse web site documents the company's history until December of 1977.  The Toro Company acquired a minority stake in Hahn Inc in 1991 and completed the acquisition on July 5, 1995.  The Toro Company closed the Hahn factory in 2002 with manufacturing phased out by June 15, 2002.

Although I have a Cub Cadet 782 with a later-model 54" mower deck, I find that the Hahn-Eclipse does a better, although slower, job of cutting my lawn.  The problem I've found with the Cub Cadet is that there isn't enough overlap between the mower's three 18¼" blades.  Since generally delay cutting my grass until it's long, I find that it leaves 2 lines of poorly cut grass when the cutting is heavy.  The Hahn-Eclipse LTD 500 has a single 29¾" blade, which eliminates this possibility.

Hahn-Eclipse LTD 500 in 2016


To keep my 1971-vintage (from the engine code) mower running, I've had to undertake some repairs over the years, three minor (mower spindle brake, transaxle shift lever replacement, fuel petcock), one major (mower spindle bearings).  Luckily, the engine runs well and has still has enough power to my needs.